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Mysterious Places in Italy
This site has the intention of gathering places, legends, stories really happened, signs, odd, curious, corners can not be explained in Italy. Places really furrowed, touched, photographed, designed and described here. The history is told so by ancient writings, but especially from all that surrounds us, an open book on our origins and the way forward, easy to understand, you just need to know how to read between the lines of nature and archeology

The articles on this site are from the official italian site

Sesto al Reghena (PN)
The urn of St. Anastasia
Coverage that was clearly visible aessere, is divided into three parts, the center stands a flowered cross with plants and clovers spiral, inside a circle decorated in a herringbone pattern, a metaphor for the triumph crown, widespread iconography. Above and below there are two pairs of arches machined twisted representing the tree of life.
Palmanova (UD) - The city
A perfect city star shaped
Palmanova it's unique because its plant is geometrically perfect, to such an extent as to be almost non-human in top view. It's shaped like a nine pointed star.
Camerano (AN) - The underground city
An underground initiation journey
Walking through the streets of the city, you walk above underground halls, burrows, temples and branched tunnels. They are arranged in three levels and are all connected. These caves have been dug in the sandstone and used in different ages as dwellings, shelters, storage rooms and ritual places.
Arzachena (OT) - Coddu Vecchiu
The Giant's Tomb
The body of the dead would receive such a strong energy to tear his soul from the body and refill it with new life, Mother Earth life. It would therefore resurrect, going back to its origin.
Verruca Castle (Pisa)
The underground chambers, the secret passages and hidden treasure - It is a fortress that has not been jet all explored and sometimes are found some openings in the ground that take to hidden rooms, secret passages, places that have never been seen or that have been covered by slipped earth...

Leonardo da Vinci 2013:
The S’Upper Room & Anamorphic Mona Lisa

In a Tuscany villa, formerly owned by the Machiavelli family, the chamber utilized by Leonardo as a model for the ambience of his Last Supper has been identified...

ROME – SALARIO BRIDGE, Mausoleum of Caius Marius
A triple wall almost unknown
Just inside the restaurant, in the passage created at the base of the mausoleum is visible, to a trained eye, a Triple Cinta, engraved on a vertical wall.

Alatri (FR)
The mysterious fresco with the "Christ in the labyrinth" of Alatri.
Her there is a huge fresco of "Christ in Glory" or "Christ the Judge" at the centre of a huge labyrinth, a true "unicum" in the panorama of universal art.

Alatri (FR)
Das mysteriöse Wandgemälde von Christus im Labyrinth von Alatri in Italien.

Sorgono (NU) - The menhir of Biru e Concas
The sacred menhir
Today in Sardinia is possible to find, still well preserved thanks to the dry climate, some arts forms from the pre-nuraghi worship, more often linked to the Mother Goddess, the first true form of divinity that the man has ever worshiped...

Argentiera (SS) – The abandoned mine
The ghost of miners

The mine was officially opened in 1840. The area was very rich in gold and silver and the small town lived and prospered thanks to the nuggets that were extracted by the miners. The souls of the miners who were buried alive, even now range among these caves.

Osimo (AN)
An incredible underground city
Under the city of Osimo there is an incredible dark second mate. An underworld which links the main buildings, like Palace Campana, Riccioni, Simonetti and Gallo , expanding throughout the city in a maze...
La Thuile (AO) - Saint Bernard
The circle of Hannibal and the eye of Jupiter
In Valle D'Aosta region there is the Circle of Hannibal (so named because it is said he passed by there), one of the rare "Cromlech" or megalithic circles in the Italian mainland...
Luras (OT) - Galluras Museum
The last hammer of "Femina Agabbadora"
At first sight it seems a normal tool, but this is not correct because it was used by “Femina Agabbadora", women that had the assignment of "to end" a terminal sick person, activating so a sort of ancient euthanasia...
Sinis Cabras (OR) - Monti Prama places
The giants of Monti Prama
But who defended this army? A King or a people? By the foreigners or by the forces of evil? who had carved?
Monte D'Accoddi (SS) - Ziqqurat
The temple dedicated to the moon
It is in Sardinia and is the only example of ziqqurat whole of Europe. The sacred area is embellished by the presence of menhirs, a sacrificial altar and an Omphalos (round stone)...
Cremona - The cathedral
A woman in the last supper
At the first sight we can see a framework in which John is certainly a woman; we need only to observe these images to remove any doubt...


Cremona - The Cathedral - A woman in the last supper -