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Sorgono (NU) - The menhir of Biru e Concas
The sacred menhir
Today in Sardinia is possible to find, still well preserved thanks to the dry climate, some arts forms from the pre-nuraghi worship, more often linked to the Mother Goddess, the first true form of divinity that the man has ever worshiped...

Arzachena (OT) - Coddu Vecchiu
The Giant's Tomb
The body of the dead would receive such a strong energy to tear his soul from the body and refill it with new life, Mother Earth life. It would therefore resurrect, going back to its origin.
Luras (OT) - Galluras Museum
The last hammer of "Femina Agabbadora"
At first sight it seems a normal tool, but this is not correct because it was used by “Femina Agabbadora", women that had the assignment of "to end" a terminal sick person, activating so a sort of ancient euthanasia...

Sinis Cabras (OR) - Monti Prama places
The giants of Monti Prama
The eyes almost magnetize the gaze of who watch them, one eye fixed and hypnotic and from the nose deeply marked that give three-dimensional form to the eyes disappear shadows of the unnatural face...


Argentiera (SS) – The abandoned mine
The ghost of miners

The mine was officially opened in 1840. The area was very rich in gold and silver and the small town lived and prospered thanks to the nuggets that were extracted by the miners. The souls of the miners who were buried alive, even now range among these caves.

Monte D'Accoddi (SS) - Ziqqurat
The temple dedicated to the moon
It is in Sardinia and is the only example of ziqqurat whole of Europe. The sacred area is embellished by the presence of menhirs, a sacrificial altar and an Omphalos (round stone)... -