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Sesto al Reghena (PN)
The sacred defense of the water
It's a "fortified" Abbey, it has a moat that surrounds it completely and walls alternating with seven towers of which now remains only one access.
The stream which surrounds, as well as defend against attacks, has a clear symbolic reference to the "spiritual defense."
Palmanova (UD) - The city
A perfect city star shaped
All along the perimeter of the square passes a channel full of water. This has a strongs sympolic value because it enhances the center of Palmanova as a pure area, safe because it is surrounded by water. Be circumscribed by that nobile liquid meant fending off a fire, an explosive fire, corruption and evil of the world around.

Camerano (AN) - The underground city
An underground initiation journey
It has a deep spiritual and symbolic bond with the masonic initiation path; connected to the Egyptian cults; in addition to that, it represents the sun rising on the horizon - the horizontal line - and the path of the sun - the vertical line.In addition to having a deep spiritual relationship with the symbolic Masonic init
Osimo (AN)
An incredible underground city
Under the city of Osimo there is an incredible dark second mate. An underworld which links the main buildings, like Palace Campana, Riccioni, Simonetti and Gallo , expanding throughout the city in a maze...

Sinis Cabras (OR) - Monti Prama places
The giants of Monti Prama
The eyes almost magnetize the gaze of who watch them, one eye fixed and hypnotic and from the nose deeply marked that give three-dimensional form to the eyes disappear shadows of the unnatural face... -