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Sorgono (NU) - The menhir of Biru e Concas
The sacred menhir
Today in Sardinia is possible to find, still well preserved thanks to the dry climate, some arts forms from the pre-nuraghi worship, more often linked to the Mother Goddess, the first true form of divinity that the man has ever worshiped...
Sinis Cabras (OR) - Monti Prama places
The giants of Monti Prama
But who defended this army? A King or a people? By the foreigners or by the forces of evil? who had carved?
Arzachena (OT) - Coddu Vecchiu
The Giant's Tomb
The entrance faces east. This tomb was built using an existing 10,50 metres long gallery grave. Its platband cover is still complete, which is exceptional. Usually the covers of Giants’ Graves were destroyed, lost or stolen to be reused as building materials.
Monte D'Accoddi (SS) - Ziqqurat
The temple dedicated to the moon
It is in Sardinia and is the only example of ziqqurat whole of Europe. The sacred area is embellished by the presence of menhirs, a sacrificial altar and an Omphalos (round stone)...

La Thuile (AO) - Saint Bernard
The circle of Hannibal and the eye of Jupiter
In Valle D'Aosta region there is the Circle of Hannibal (so named because it is said he passed by there), one of the rare "Cromlech" or megalithic circles in the Italian mainland... -