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Camerano (AN) - The underground city
An underground initiation journey
Walking through the streets of the city, you walk above underground halls, burrows, temples and branched tunnels. They are arranged in three levels and are all connected. These caves have been dug in the sandstone and used in different ages as dwellings, shelters, storage rooms and ritual places.
Osimo (AN)
An incredible underground city
Under the city of Osimo there is an incredible dark second mate. An underworld which links the main buildings, like Palace Campana, Riccioni, Simonetti and Gallo , expanding throughout the city in a maze...


Argentiera (SS) – The abandoned mine
The ghost of miners

The mine was officially opened in 1840. The area was very rich in gold and silver and the small town lived and prospered thanks to the nuggets that were extracted by the miners. The souls of the miners who were buried alive, even now range among these caves.

Verruca Castle (PI)
The underground chambers, the secret passages and hidden treasure - It is a fortress that has not been jet all explored and sometimes are found some openings in the ground that take to hidden rooms, secret passages, places that have never been seen or that have been covered by slipped earth... -