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Sesto al Reghena (PN)
The urn of St. Anastasia
The material is pure white marble. Coverage that was clearly visible aessere, is divided into three parts, the center stands a flowered cross with plants and clovers spiral, inside a circle decorated in a herringbone pattern, a metaphor for the triumph crown, widespread iconography. Above and below there are two pairs of arches machined twisted representing the tree of life.

Sorgono (NU) - The menhir of Biru e Concas
The sacred menhir
Today in Sardinia is possible to find, still well preserved thanks to the dry climate, some arts forms from the pre-nuraghi worship, more often linked to the Mother Goddess, the first true form of divinity that the man has ever worshiped...
Monte D'Accoddi (SS) - Ziqqurat
The temple dedicated to the moon
It is in Sardinia and is the only example of ziqqurat whole of Europe. The sacred area is embellished by the presence of menhirs, a sacrificial altar and an Omphalos (round stone)... -