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Camerano (AN) - The underground city
An underground initiation journey
Walking through the streets of the city, you walk above underground halls, burrows, temples and branched tunnels. They are arranged in three levels and are all connected. These caves have been dug in the sandstone and used in different ages as dwellings, shelters, storage rooms and ritual places.
Osimo (AN)
An incredible underground city
This cave is made up by a plant shaped in a 5-pointed star, where on each of the points there is a seat carved in the tuff. This place was for surely used for ritual purposes and this would explain its strange shape

Arzachena (OT) - Coddu Vecchiu
The Giant's Tomb
The body of the dead would receive such a strong energy to tear his soul from the body and refill it with new life, Mother Earth life. It would therefore resurrect, going back to its origin.
Luras (OT) - Galluras Museum
The ritual of "Femina Agabbadora"
There was an exact ritual to be followed once the family where the very ill person was, decided to take the terrible decision to call the “Femina Agabbadora”... -