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Palmanova (UD) - The city
A perfect city star shaped
Another feature of the city was its "invisibility". It was built lower than the horizon line so as to disappear in the eyev of the enemies that would not have been able to define it completely. having many unknown corners.

Osimo (AN)
An incredible underground city
Under the city of Osimo there is an incredible dark second mate. An underworld which links the main buildings, like Palace Campana, Riccioni, Simonetti and Gallo , expanding throughout the city in a maze...

Sinis Cabras (OR) - Monti Prama places
The giants of Monti Prama
The rims of the eyes are so perfect that between the instruments of working it presupposes there was the compass or something like this, without it would have been impossible made them...
Arzachena (OT) - Coddu Vecchiu
The Giant's Tomb
The entrance faces east. This tomb was built using an existing 10,50 metres long gallery grave. Its platband cover is still complete, which is exceptional. Usually the covers of Giants’ Graves were destroyed, lost or stolen to be reused as building materials. -